A few things to consider before buying your next Table saw

The table saw is a heavy duty machine that you will find in almost all the Woodworking workshops.

Woodworkers use it to miter, square, rip, groove, shape and join pieces.

Because of its wide array of uses, it is one of the most important machines to purchase.

If you are looking to turn your Woodworking hobby into something more professionally, consider purchasing a solid table saw. It will help you in building almost any Woodworking project.


Table saw features to look for:-

  • smooth, heavy work surface
  • a handle that will raise and lower the blade
  • another handle to adjust blade’s angle
  • dust collecting connections
  • a strong motor that start easily and causes little vibration

Pro Tip: Selection of the HP of your table saw’s motor should depend on the kind of projects you are going to take up. If you will work with thicker blocks or harder wood, consider buying a table saw that has more horsepower.

Safety equipment that the table saw should have:-

  • it should have a blade guard
  • a large and easy to access switch – get a table saw that comes with paddle switch

The reason to get a table saw with the paddle switch is because of the easy of switching that it offers. You can pull it to turn on the saw and push it to turn the saw off. This action is very useful when, during the operation, your one hand is busy keeping the wood stock steady. You can simply push the paddle with your knee to turn off the saw.

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Other features to look for when buying a new table saw:-

Rip Fence

This is the most important feature of a table saw. If your table saw has a strong fence, it will keep the wood stock in line with the blade and will result in finer cuts. Also ensure that the fence comes with tuning controls for adjusting it. In majority of the table saws available in market, you are going to find Biesemeyer-style fence, which is a solid fence for ripping large stocks of wood. You can also use a featherboard in addition to this if you are looking for more even sturdiness.

Miter Gauge

Miter gauges are included in most of the table saws to make angled crosscuts. To prevent the mitre gauge from coming out from the table, a T-groove is provided within saw’s table. To get proper cuts from miter gauge, it should glide smoothly on the surface and cutting angles should be marked properly on it.

Additional options and tools for your table saw

If you want to increase productivity from your table saw, you can get accessories like:-

  • panel cutting jigs
  • sliding tables
  • tapering jigs
  • tenoning jigs
  • stacked dado cutting sets

Get these accessories along with the table saw and you should become equipped to tackle any professional Woodworking project.